Innovative Thinkers

At LHFT we believe that collaboration is the foundation of innovation. Our people don’t see problems, they see opportunities to craft unique solutions and own the results. Our open, supportive office space keeps no secrets from our workers, nurtures fresh, innovative approaches to trading, and doesn’t put people in boxes.

Continuous Learners

Inside Lighthouse, how we achieve success isn’t a secret. We share our expertise, we rely on each other’s experience, and we celebrate success as a team. Our multi-talented and multi-disciplinary HFT traders and engineers never stop learning from each other. Leave no path unilluminated on your quest to make markets and provide liquidity.

Responsible Risk Takers

Creativity, teamwork and innovation are what make us, but calculated risk-taking, execution and responsibility are what make us a safe bet. Backed by our cutting edge, smart stack execution infrastructure and predictive modeling, our team can enhance their creative output with data driven decision making and form a complete understanding of the drivers of price formation and beat the market.

Diverse, Open Minds in our trader jobs

At LHFT, we embrace exceptional people. We need all the tools in the box to become one of the best, so we hire from diverse backgrounds to build a multicultural, multidisciplinary team that can tackle any problem from any angle.


We’re building an exceptional, energetic, entrepreneurial team of crypto traders, options traders, quant traders, and software engineers. Discover our four-stage interview process and start your HFT career now.


Whether you’re an entry level software engineer, or an experienced HFT quant or options trader, consult our open positions below.


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll assess it to determine whether you’re a good fit.


If we decide your trader, engineer or develop skills are a fit for our team, we’ll invite you for an initial round of remote or face to face interviews.


Success in our initial round of interviews will earn an invitation to a second stage interview.


Shine a light on your potential with the best in the field, and take money making to the next level. Join a talented team of traders and engineers using cutting-edge technology to beat the market and unlock new modes of liquidity provision. We’re looking for results and growth driven senior, junior or entry level traders and engineers with an open, collaborative mindset. Browse our HFT careers below.

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What our Team Says About Life at LHFT:

Lighthouse’s people are always encouraged to speak their mind. We love to hear about what keeps them motivated and looking forward to each day at work. This is what they have to say about what it means to join the Lighthouse family:

"Be the person you needed when you were younger”

Mikiesha Tong

at Lighthouse

"The way to become rich is to make money, not to save it”

Keithy Tam

at Lighthouse

“I love making money"


at Lighthouse

"Everybody wants to save the earth; no one wants to help mom do the dishes."

Katherine Lau

at Lighthouse

"With low latency, comes great responsibility"

Neeraj Sundaram

at Lighthouse

"Navigate the high seas of finance with Lighthouse: Where software sets sail, trading reaches new heights, and the excitement never fades!"

Marius Marinus

at Lighthouse

Find a job that matches your passion, and you'll never need a power nap again! Energizing work comes naturally when you're in the right company... and by company, I mean both the people and the job.

Katja Verschuren

at Lighthouse

"Dare to be different"

Edmund Ho

at Lighthouse

“Quoting is hard”

Harry Wan

at Lighthouse

“See you on the order book”

Karolis Spukas

at Lighthouse