Responsible risk management

We’ve integrated risk management into our business model and financial technologies. We take calculated risks guided by our rigorous and constantly evolving risk management framework, which is the result of our team’s extensive experience with predicting and managing risks in the high frequency trading world.

Responsible Risk Management at LHFT

Our Approach
to Risk Management

At LHFT, we think it’s essential to ask critical questions, and to listen to the answers. Our risk team keeps an eye out for problems before they occur and builds intelligent, real-time risk monitoring tools and implementation controls. Taking responsibility means staying ahead of risk, evolving with the market to capture risks as they become apparent. For innovators like us, a watertight risk management system is crucial.

Mitigation Measures

All new systems are simulation tested, with a secure risk-protocol layer between our strategies and the exchange. Risk management is there to ensure that our employees, and our business, is protected. What happens if an application isn’t updated? What happens if a system error occurs? What happens in a rare edge-case scenario that wasn’t captured in prior testing? Our risk management protocols and secure buffer between us and the exchange are designed to answer these questions before they need to be asked.

The Role of Risk Management
in Our Business Success

As the fail-safe that enables all of our trading success, risk management lends our work the legitimacy a trusted equity provider needs. We look for employees that are able to think laterally. The capacity to think outside of the box when analysing trading hypotheses, and to detect edge-case scenarios is a skill shared, and a challenge enjoyed, by all of the members in our team.

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