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LHFT believes that collaboration is the foundation of innovation. Our multi-talented team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making markets and providing liquidity. Develop your capabilities alongside the best in the world, and take your trading to the next level.

Liquidity Provision
With No Limits

Join a talented team of traders and engineers using cutting-edge technology to beat the market and unlock new modes of liquidity provision.

1. Creative, Data-Driven Decision-Making
Markets can’t keep up with the speed of our technology, but the real secret ingredient to finding winning market opportunities is creativity. That’s why we invest heavily in our people, and work hard to build an environment that promotes freedom, expression, innovation, and growth.
2. Responsible Risk Management
Risk management is integrated into everything we do at Lighthouse. All new systems are simulation tested, with a secure risk-protocol layer between our strategies and the exchange.
3. Collaboration is Innovation
Beating the financial market is easier in co-op mode. We bring together the brightest and best crypto traders, options traders, quant traders, and software engineers out there. We listen to each other, and encourage new ideas.

Our teams collaborate to develop new hypotheses that meet the challenges and opportunities of high frequency trading.

Analysis & Prototype

To test our hypotheses, our experienced traders and engineers will subject them to a stringent analysis and prototype phase. We run tests in a secure environment to predict successes and minimise potential risks and exposures.

our workflow


The feedback stage is where we evaluate the findings of the prototype and analysis stage to decide whether the hypothesis will work in the market, and whether it meets our responsible risk management protocols.


When the rigorous testing and analysis are done, we bring our ideas to the market, and watch the results. Success or failure, everything is a learning experience. We take the results on board and get back to stage one.

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LHFT is a horizontal company. At Lighthouse, it’s about working together. We’re always on the hunt for talent to help us reach the next level and expand our trade into new markets. We’re looking for results and growth driven senior or junior traders and engineers with an open, collaborative mindset. Our workflows are designed for agility, cooperation and group learning.

Holistic working environment

Holistic working environment where everyone contributes and everyone is recognised. No favourites.


Multicultural, diverse workforce where we embrace difference. Outside of the box? We want to hear from you.

Learn from the best

Learn from the best and grow. Work with experienced engineers and traders, and level yourself up.