Lighthouse in Chicago

Chicago is an ideal destination for high-frequency trading professionals. As the birthplace of the futures industry and home of the influential Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago has a rich trading heritage. The city’s vibrant financial and technological ecosystem fosters a thriving community of traders, investors, and technologists. Chicago’s diverse and vibrant cultural scene, amazing food, iconic architecture, and world-class museums make it a fantastic place to build your Lighthouse career.


444 W Lake Street 17th floor
Chicago 60606

Our people in Chicago

Our team in Chicago is a trading force to be reckoned with. They’re not afraid to try out new ideas, iterate and won’t let failures get them down. Lighthouse is an exceptional environment for exceptional people, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum; we are a part of where we are. Meet the team.

Bill Fargo

at Lighthouse

Career Possibilities
in Chicago

Whatever you want to do in Lighthouse Chicago, our team will have your back. We don’t let talent go to waste. If you’ve got it, we’ll be the first to welcome you to a world of limitless potential in a city full to the brim with opportunity.

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