Lighthouse in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a vibrant and culturally rich city in the Netherlands. Known for its stunning canals, historic, distinctive architecture and museums that are the envy of the globe. Rooted in history and celebrated for innovation, Amsterdam is a hub for business, with a thriving start-up community. It’s culturally distinct but global facing, with a rich tradition of cultural crossover and progressive thinking, making it the perfect home for Lighthouse.

Amsterdam has a rich history in trading. It’s home to one of the world’s original securities exchanges, one of the most famous bubbles of all time (tulips) and the birthplace of centuries of financial speculators. Not only is the Netherlands the home of the stock market, it’s the birthplace of the microscope, Wi-Fi, and fair trade. We wouldn’t want to be based anywhere else.


Gustav Mahlerplein 28 ITO Building
1082 MA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Our People in Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam team is the epitome of what makes Lighthouse great. Just like Amsterdam, we are pragmatic, innovative, opportunistic, and multicultural. Lighthouse is an exceptional environment for exceptional people, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum; we are a part of where we are. Meet the team.

Francesco Fucci

at Lighthouse

"I want to achieve and I want to win. Since I was little, I’ve always liked to win competitions. Life would be boring, wouldn’t it?"

Pascal van Alten

at Lighthouse

"With low latency, comes great responsibility"

Neeraj Sundaram

at Lighthouse

George Kurian

at Lighthouse

"Navigate the high seas of finance with Lighthouse: Where software sets sail, trading reaches new heights, and the excitement never fades!"

Marius Marinus

at Lighthouse

Find a job that matches your passion, and you'll never need a power nap again! Energizing work comes naturally when you're in the right company... and by company, I mean both the people and the job.

Katja Verschuren

at Lighthouse

Career Possibilities
in Amsterdam

With Lighthouse Amsterdam, opportunity abounds. Here’s your chance to grow in a city you love, with endless opportunities. Our Amsterdam office is fully equipped to shine a light on your potential.

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