Taking Liquidity Provision to the Next Level with Advanced Predictive Models and Creative Thinking

How Do We Do It?

Automate, Collaborate, Innovate

Lighthouse is an automated and scalable liquidity provision business for Options and Delta One products built on predictive models and reliable risk management.

Traders Beating the Market Together

Our diverse, multi-talented and multi-disciplinary HFT team leaves no path unilluminated on our quest to make markets and provide liquidity.

Infrastructure Built for Your Success

Our cutting edge execution infrastructure and multi-purpose analysis framework simplifies market data research so our traders can spend more time trading.

We do 1 trade per

Aim to get 5 ideas in production every 2 weeks

Handling massive volumes of exchange data

Delivering real-time insights through complex queries


At Lighthouse, there is no limit to your potential. We invest in our people, and nurture an environment that promotes freedom, expression, innovation, and growth. Join a talented team of traders and engineers using cutting-edge technology to beat the market and unlock new modes of liquidity provision.

Lighthouse’s Employer Promise:

  • Holistic working environment where everyone contributes and everyone is recognised for their merits.
  • Multicultural workforce where we embrace exceptional people. Outside of the box? We want to hear from you.
  • Learn and grow with the best. Flourish alongside experienced engineers and traders. Level yourself up.

Our Culture

Lighthouse trades at the speed of light, but that’s not all we’re about. Pricing, risk-taking, execution and responsibility are all part of our formula for success, but our workplace puts people first. To succeed we need a driven, motivated team that enjoys and takes ownership of their work. We need all the tools in the box; a multidisciplinary, multicultural workforce. Open minds flourish in an open environment.

We Are Pragmatic
Some companies are bound by cages of responsibility. They are secretive, keep employees in the dark and have hierarchies that stifle personal development. Lighthouse isn’t like that. Our philosophy is one of pragmatic, respectful freedom and exploration, unbound by creative bottlenecks. With everyone pulling in the same direction, we’ll grow together.
We Are Innovative
Lighthouse’s cutting-edge tech stack is available to all our people. Interaction breeds innovation, so we invest in our diverse workforce. Our traders and engineers collaborate to solve problems, develop their own code, and explore new ideas.
We Are Opportunistic
We’re assembling a diverse team of the brightest technologists and most creative traders around, backed by cutting edge, smart stack execution infrastructure and predictive modelling. We give ourselves and our team members the best possible chance to illuminate market opportunities.
We Are Multicultural
At Lighthouse, we use all the tools in the box to illuminate paths to success. Our multicultural, cross-disciplinary team nurtures new ideas, building fast feedback loops so you can solve HFT problems faster and grow your skills. We embrace exceptional people, we listen, and we encourage new ideas.
“See you on the order book”

Karolis Spukas

at Lighthouse

Meet Your New Team

Karolis Spukas

Arthur Kung



Francesco Fucci

Bill Fargo

Marius Marinus

Mikiesha Tong

Neeraj Sundaram

Edmund Ho

Technology-Driven Trading and Liquidity Provider

At Lighthouse data-driven decision making and creativity are in our DNA. We understand the drivers of price formation in the marketplace and develop hard metrics to support our team’s decision making, and to evaluate our progress. We always ensure that risk and safety are carefully considered in all our trading, technical and operational decision making.

What is Lighthouse Financial Technologies (Lighthouse)?

Lighthouse is a proprietary trading firm with offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, and Hong Kong. We specialize in trading various financial instruments and leveraging advanced technology to generate profits.

How many employees work at Lighthouse Financial Technologies?

Lighthouse Financial Technologies has a total of 34 employees spread across three teams: Trading, Engineering, and Business Support.

What are the different teams at Lighthouse Financial Technologies?

Lighthouse Financial Technologies consists of three teams: Trading, Engineering, and Business Support. The Trading team focuses on executing trades and managing the firm’s positions. The Engineering team develops and maintains our trading systems and infrastructure. The Business Support team provides administrative and operational support to ensure smooth operations.

Where are the office locations of Lighthouse Financial Technologies?

Lighthouse Financial Technologies has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, and Hong Kong. Our presence in these global financial centers allows us to operate in different time zones and access various markets.

How can I join Lighthouse Financial Technologies?

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. You can visit our Careers page on the website to explore current job openings and submit your application.

What qualifications or skills do you look for in potential employees?

We seek candidates with a strong educational background, preferably in finance, computer science, or a related field. We value problem-solving abilities, analytical skills, and a passion for financial markets. Experience in proprietary trading or a similar industry is a plus but not mandatory.

Is Lighthouse Financial Technologies open to hiring international candidates?

Yes, we are an international firm and welcome applications from candidates around the world. However, please note that visa sponsorship and relocation assistance may vary based on the specific role.