Beat the
Market Together

At Lighthouse collaboration is the root of innovation. Develop your capabilities alongside the best in the field, advance to the next level and illuminate the path to success.

Liquidity Provision
With No Limits

Lighthouse is a sandbox of fomenting ideas, innovation and money-making strategies. Join a talented team of traders and engineers using cutting-edge technology to hack the market and unlock new modes of liquidity provision.

1. Creative, Data-Driven Decision-Making
Our tech already outpaces the market, but the real secret to finding winning opportunities is creative freedom. We invest in our people, nurturing an environment that promotes freedom, expression, innovation, and growth.
2. Responsible Risk Management
Risk management is integrated into everything we do at Lighthouse. All new systems are simulation tested, with a secure risk-protocol layer between our strategies and the exchange.
3. Collaboration is Innovation
Beating the market is easier in co-op mode. We connect the brightest and best crypto traders, options traders, quant traders, and software engineers out there. We listen to each other.

We’ll take you
to the next level.

Lighthouse is a horizontal company. At Lighthouse, it’s about working together. We’re always hunting for talent to help us reach the next level and expand our trade into new markets. We’re looking for results and growth driven senior or junior traders and engineers with an open, collaborative mindset. Our workflows are designed for agility, cooperation and group learning.

"Take it easy, don't be crazy"

Renee Li

at Lighthouse

The Values That Drive Us

Lighthouse promotes values that distinguish us from our competitors. We are pragmatic, we are opportunistic, we are innovative, and we are multicultural. Success is best shared. We’re not just a company, we’re a squad that strives to be the best liquidity provider out there.

We Are Pragmatic

Some companies are bound by cages of responsibility. They are secretive, keep employees in the dark and have hierarchies that stifle personal development. Lighthouse isn’t like that. Our philosophy is one of pragmatic, respectful freedom and exploration, unbound by creative bottlenecks. With everyone pulling in the same direction, we’ll grow together.

We Are Innovative

Lighthouse’s cutting-edge tech stack is available to all. Interaction breeds innovation, so we invest in our diverse workforce. Our traders and engineers collaborate to solve problems, develop their own code, and explore new ideas.

We Are Opportunistic

We’re assembling a diverse squad of the brightest technologists and most creative traders around, backed by cutting edge, smart stack execution infrastructure and predictive modelling. We give ourselves and our squad members the best possible chance to illuminate market opportunities.

We Are Multicultural

At Lighthouse, we use all the tools in the box to illuminate paths to success. Our multicultural, cross-disciplinary squad nurtures new ideas, building fast feedback loops so you can solve HFT problems faster and grow your skills. We embrace exceptional people, we listen, and we encourage new ideas.

Ready to Start
Trading at Lighthouse?

Whether you’re an experienced quant, options, futures or crypto trader, or ready to forge a path to innovation and opportunity, Lighthouse will shine a light on your potential. See our trader jobs below.

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How about a Career
as a Software Engineer?

If solutions, execution, software architecture and design are your thing, we’ve got room for you at Lighthouse. Our open-minded, multicultural team will allow your creativity to flourish. See our development jobs below.

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Start your Journey
with a Lighthouse Internship

For bright-eyed graduates looking to learn the ropes, there’s no better place than Lighthouse. Our open, friendly environment will connect you with some of the best traders and engineers in the field. See our openings for internships below.

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